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Collaboration products

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× Echizen ware」

24KARATS Collaboration sake cup "Sakazuki Set"

This impressive product was proposed by Kenchi Tachibana of EXILE / EXILE THE SECOND. It is reminiscent of EXILE’s new song "RED PHOENIX".

The product was presented to the members of EXILE TRIBE on New Year’s Day, 2021.

× Echizen ware」

Teacup Ash glaze

This is an original cup produced in collaboration with Beams Co., Ltd.(Tokyo).

The buyer was moved by the beautifully delicate cups when our company was involved in "Fukui Trad" project, and Beams Japan requested us to make the teacup by OEM.The Beams logo is laser-processed on the bottom of the cup.

× Echizen ware」

Original sake cup 「Real gold leaf SUIGETSU」

This original cup in the "Real gold leaf SUIGETSU" series of leading gold foil manufacturer Hakuichi Co., Ltd. is manufactured by OEM.

As edible top-of-the-line gold leaf is applied on the thin Echizen ware cup, the visually dramatic feature makes a great impression on users.